Since the start of the green movement have more people been telecommuting?



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    Yes, telecommuting jobs have increased due to enviornmental awareness and the incentive on companies saving on office expenses. Employees have become more attracted to these kinds of jobs because they allow more freedom and flexibility in scheduling, not to mention it saves on the cost of actually having to go to work. Small businesses especially, that don’t offer alot of benefits will have a better chance of keeping good employees if they offer telecommuting as an option. In order for telecommuting arrangements between employer and employee to work, there has to be a significant amount of trust and communication between both parties (Duermyer, 2011).

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    Definitely! More importantly, employers have been getting more flexible with their employees. My mom has always been an environmentally conscious person and my family’s primary source of income. When we moved (back) to California, my family picked a town that had a Bay Area Rapid Transit station so that my mom could take the train to work. After a couple of years, she started working from home a few days per week to save time and money, and now she works from home most of the time, only going into the office occasionally. The company supported this move because it saved them money as well and they did not have to keep a permanent cubicle for her anymore. Telecommuting is a great thing for the environment as well as people’s busy schedules! However, there is something to be said for getting to know one’s co-workers personally.

    Another environmentally friendly thing that employers can do that has been happening long before telecommuting was even possible is to offer employee housing near the place where their employees work so that they can simply walk to work. Unfortunately, this is a phenomenon that we are seeing less and less.

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    In a sense I agree with the idea that more people have been telecommuting since the
    start of the green movement, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that the green movement has had much weight in causing people to telecommute. The two just happened to come
    about at the same time. A more probable reason for the increase in telecommuting
    is that 1. internet and mobile technology has become cheaper, faster, and more widely available over the past decade with innovations like Skype, Wifi, and more advanced cell phones. In addition to telecommuting, the internet has been the greatest field for business
    opportunities this decade. The self-made millionaires and billionaires of the past few years
    have come from creating virtual things like Facebook, Paypal, and WordPress. In general
    more business is done online now then ever before, making it possible for more jobs to be
    telecommuter positions.
    2. companies and individuals want to save money. Business is business and
    if a company can cost costs by having someone work at home they will. They might
    throw in that “it’s good for the environment” but this is also part of being a business:
    if you want to be a reputable business these days you’re going to try and convey in
    some way that you’re environmentally friend, because that’s a hot issue now.
    This doesn’t mean that companies that truly care about the environment don’t exist;
    realistically, it’s not the primary motivating factor. If telecommuting wasn’t convenient for
    businesses, they wouldn’t do it.

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    I think that one of the biggest reasons why people telecommute now a days is for the convenience and the technological advantage that it has given us. Being able to work from home is a luxury that a lot of people want in today’s busy world, so I would say that this is more of a reason as to why it has gained popularity. One of the bonuses is that it’s also environmentally friendly! 

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