Is starch in food good for your body?



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    Depsite probably hearing before talking negatively about ‘starchy’ foods, starch is the most important carbohydrate for the human body.  It is produced by all things green and is abundant in foods such as potatoes, corn and wheat.  Starch gets a bad rap when it is overly consumed primarily in the forms of simple carbohydrates – i.e. a mountain of french fries.  However, starch found in complex carbohydrates, particularly what is known as ‘resistant starch’ is incredibly good for you.  Resistant starch, or starches that are not quickly digested (aren’t digested in the small intenstine), have been found to help weightloss, aid in controlling diabetes and reduce the risk of colon cancer.  You can find resistant starch in bananas, oatmeal, lentils and navy beans amongst many other foods.

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