Is a stainless steel surface, aluminum muffin pan safe?

I’m getting rid of my nonstick muffin tins and want a stainless steel version. All I can find are aluminum/stainless steel combos? Is that safe?



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    Depends on the makeup of the cookware. if it’s coated in stainless steel, you should be fine, as the aluminum is not making contact with your food. If it’s just a mix of the two metals, I’m not sure about the safety.

    I recommend getting cast-iron cookware. It’s heavy, but once properly seasoned, it’s as non-stick as teflon and perfectly safe for you–it’ll even supply your diet with extra (safe) iron! Not to mention it LASTS FOREVER!

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      Awesome recommendation of cast iron. Its the best type of cookware for anything from eggs to steak and you can put it in the oven. The best way to find cast iron cookware is from garage sales as they have usually been around for a while and are seasoned already.

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