Is spinach a good crop to grow for food?



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    Spinach is an annual plant that is very hardy. There are smooth leaf spinach and savory leaf spinach and both are very nutrient rich. Spinach is a great source of vitamin C, A, and K and is rich in the minerals manganese, potassium, and iron. Spinach matures in 28-45 days of planting which should be done early in the spring. Spinach is a heavy eater and should be kept moist, watering more frequently in drier weather. It is a great crop and hey, Popeye never objected to it and look at him! Hope this helps.

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    Depending on where you are and your growing methods, lambsquarter (also called Goose Foot) may be a good alternative to spinach. It is very easy to grow (most people do not recognize lambsquarter, and unroot it, thinking it’s a weed) and has better nutritional value than spinach. Many even believe that lambsquarter, when cooked, tastes “more spinachy” than spinach. See link below for more information.

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