Is spending a lot time in a hot tob bad for your health?



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    Generally, hot tubs produce only positive benefits unless you use them in a manner which they are not intended to be used. If you choose to exceed the recommended optimal hot tub temperature, you are putting yourself at risk of heat exhaustion and possibly brain damage. Hot tubs are generally not recommended for women during pregnancy or for children at any time.

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    There are a couple of health risks associated with hot tub use in general, and several more that result from use of a hot tub without proper chlorine or pH levels. First of all, pregnant women should avoid hot tubs, as heat exposure in the first trimester has been linked to increased risk of neural tube defects in babies. Second, exposure to heat for men has been shown to decrease sperm count. If the hot tub is not properly cleaned and maintained, you can catch “hot tub rash” or folliculitis, a common skin rash; “hot tub lung”, a respiratory infection caused by inhaling the Mycobacterium avium bacteria. It’s even possible to contract genital herpes or Legionnaire’s Disease from an unclean hot tub.

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    Eek! Generally speaking, if your hot “tob” is clean, you’re going to be fine. But if you’re in a public hot tub, you can contract Hot Tub Lung (which is similar to tuberculosis), a nasty rash called Folliculitis, or even genital Herpes!

    Other than that, prolonged hot water can lower a man’s sperm count and put pregnant women at higher chance of birth defects.

    Soak at your own risk!

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