speech on modernization and pollution



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    You’re looking for suggestions for a paper or speech?

    These days people will be able to name several kinds of pollution off the top of their heads — because it’s affecting almost everyone. Air pollution, noise pollution, water pollution, etc.

    But “modernization” is a trickier concept, because very often people assume that what is new is better. But you can see, going online to Amazon, and finding people willing to pay big money for old video games, books, movies, cars and paintings, that this isn’t always true.

    So your presentation can make a lot of interesting points, just starting with a couple examples of modernization. Maybe one that worked well, and one that did not.

    Any change, any new building, any new organization, any new invention is going to cost materials and energy. So your presentation might compare two examples of “modernization”, and make observations about what role pollution played in the success and failures of each.

    That could make for pretty interesting reading. It will take some thinking, but interesting stuff often does.


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