SPCA vs No Kill Shelters. What do you think?




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    SPCAs typiclly are no-kill, so I’m not sure what the “vs” is. But, I think that no-kill shelters are really great; I don’t like to see/hear about animals getting put down. However, I do understand how costly it is to run an animal shelter, and when animals don’t leave there’s no room for new animals. So, what I’m also for is spaying and neutering pets so that the number of animals winding up in shelters will drop.

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    SPCA is a larger organization with roots extending nationwide.  Because of it’s size, it tends to have more finance capabilities than some smaller no-kill shelters, and they actually donate to other shelters.  SPCA is running a Baghdad Puppy campaign, so in addition to rescuing animals they seem to support themed initiatives to get people involved.  All shelters, especially no-kill, serve a great purpose and people should look to them before purchasing a pet.  They are always in need of volunteers and donations for successful operation.

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    While shelter are important, I think putting more funding into trap-neuter-release programs for areas with feral cat/dog problems is a great solution. While working at the SPCA I saw a lot of feral animals put down, simply because the behaviorist deemed they weren’t fit for being pets since they were so wild. It’s a shame to put animals down, I’m a huge animal lover, but at the same type you don’t want the native species to be affected by human irresponsibility as pet owners.

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    I think we should make all efforts to save animals and get them adopted to great families. The only except may be an animal that is too badly hurt or sick to be saved or an animals that is very very dangerous and cannot be tamed. Funding and space are big issues when you vow to not euthanize any animals and funding must be provided to these shelters so they can maintain good, healthy conditions for the animals. Donations of food and toys are also very important to all shelters. I vote for any shelter that maintains a high standard for their animals, makes good adoptions, and promotes animals rights.

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