Is Spain’s solar program slowing down?



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    Spain has been very ambitious in their work towards utilizing solar power. But as far back as 2008, their program was showing strain. This strain that we are viewing in Spain’s solar program may be stemming from the same ambition that propelled their program forward.

    Instead of taking their program one step at a time, Spain decided to tackle the idea all at once. Although establishing a program quickly seems to be the best option for short term success, this unfortunately does not always equal out long term sustainability.

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    As prenda11 pointed out, Spain tried to do too much for solar power in a short period of time.  The government had been subsidizing the solar power industry, but it couldn’t continue to support it at such a high level (2.6 billion Euros/year).  At this point, Spain has an incredible solar capacity, but it doesn’t have enough money to pay off the debt for what it built and not enough money to continue to subsidize the projects.

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