Is “Soylent Green” considered an environmental movie?



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    Yes, I think it definitely qualifies. Without giving away too much about the movie’s classic twist, Soylent Green concerns itself with overpopulation and the effects it has on the environment–mostly centered around food shortage. There is a dystopian theme that has to do with what has happened to the world and how humans live there associated with it, but I think the primary focus of the plot is mostly concerned with the method which humans now use to survive, which the movie takes its title from. It’s a great watch!

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    I think it does in many ways.  It definitely makes you think about population and how we affect the earth.  It’s environmental in the way a narrative can be — some only consider documentaries to be true environmental movies.  However, if you can get the viewer to think about our environment and how we affect it, I think it would definitely somewhat qualify as an environmental movie.

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