Is soy turkey good or bad for the environment?



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    With a lot of these questions I think the answer lies in what you are going to eat instead of the soy turkey.  In general, natural foods, particularly organic foods are better for the envrionment as opposed to the more processed foods or some fish.  If your alternative to eating soy turkey would be to eat chicken maybe not depending on the distance the soy turkey travels. According to a study performed at Cornell in 1997, it is just over 3x better to eat chicken rather than turkey in terms of fuel costs.  If you were just going to have a salad from your garden, with a home made dressing, the it would definitely be worse for the environment to eat the soy turkey accounting for all the processing and transporting.  But if you were going to eat some endangered fish species or a beef dish which was fed with trucked in feed and traveled a long distance to get to your plate, then the soy turkey is better. 

    In general, I’d say go for the option which reduces the number of processing and distance to your table, but still satisfies your tastes.

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    It can depend on how the soy is produced.  As one of the top yield crops in the US, a lot of farmers have resorted to genetic engineering….which can have repercussions on both your health and the environment.  However, if the soy is harvested sustainably, it can be better for the environment.

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    One could definitely argue that soy turkey is good for the environment because (perhaps) it saves the lives of real turkeys, which are part of the living environment of earth (especially if it tastes good enough to act as a substitute). If the soy used in the tofurkey (or whichever style) happens to be organic soy, then that’s a lot better for the environment than using non-organic plants grown with pesticides. One could also argue that soy turkey is good for the environment of your body, as it does not contain any cholesterol or saturated fat.

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