Is soy milk in non-recyclable containers better than regular milk in recyclable jugs?

My roommate is a vegan for the purpose of saving the planet (good for her). However, I wonder if the soy milk containers (which actually make up more than 50% of the trash I take out of our apartment) negate the beneficial environmental effects of not drinking milk, since these containers go to landfills. She goes through a lot of soy milk because she makes soy yogurt, but if she would drink milk it would be much less packaging since it comes in gallon jugs. Your thoughts? If possible, provide statistics.



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    Yes.  It is still much better.  About 75% precent of the crops we grow here in America go to feed livestock. So both soymilk and regular milk will have the cost of growing and transporting the soy.  

    However, with cow milk you also have the the cows, which creates mass amounts of dung, need antibiotics, and growth stimulators, and then you have transfer, pasteurize, and enrich the cow milk.

    So even with a non-recyclable container, soymilk is much greener 

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