Is soy milk more nutritious than cow’s milk?



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    That would be hard to say because we still do not have a full understanding of what is in cow’s milk and what makes it so nutritious. It isn’t as simple as isolating chemicals because they exist together and make interact in complex ways. I would say they are both nutritious but probably in very different ways.

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    Cow’s milk has a lot of hormones, allergens, and a good percentage of fat and cholesterol. According to certain sources, cow’s milk contains traces of herbicides and pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Soy milk, on the other hand, has all the nutrition the body needs, but none of the harmful chemicals. And studies show that diets high in soy reduce the risk of breast and prostrate cancer.

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    It can be.  What’s for certain is that soy milk is overall better for your health than cow’s milk.  None of the harmful pesticides, hormones, chemicals and so on that are used in the production of cow’s milk are present in soy milk.  It is also much lower in fat and cholesterol.  Look for vitamin enriched soymilk — this has at least as many nutrients as cow’s milk, but probably more.

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    I believe it is, mostly because cow milk is commonly filled with growth hormones, which are quite likely a cause of obesity in countries that consume a great deal of dairy. Dairy is also not easily digested by the human body, even if it doesn’t contain growth hormones. There are many alternatives to dairy milk, even aside from soy milk, such as hemp milk, almond milk, and rice milk. These can be very yummy, and often are enriched with vitamins.

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