Is soy milk a lot better for the environment than regular milk?



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    Mostly because you don’t need cattle to produce it. The best way to reduce your impact and your costs is to make your own soy milk at home. Soy milk makers run about 200 dollars a pop, but will definitely pay for themselves in the long run. They can also be used to make your own tofu. However, niether soy or cow milk is good for the body, almond, hemp or rice milk is better for you. It also doesn’t raise estrogen levels in the body like soy, and does not contain any hormones like cow milk.

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    Yes.  It’s much better for the environment to just grow soybeans than it is to raise cattle.  First off, it eliminates an entire step in the process — to get milk, you have to grow food to feed the cow.  With soymilk, you just need to grow soybeans.  Second, the meat and animal product industry is the most polluting out of any other within the food sector.  That makes the production of soymilk much cleaner than cow’s milk.

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