Is soy a good source of protein?



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    Yes, soy is a good source of protein.  Soy protein is considered a complete protein (contain all of the amino acids necessary for humans), and thus is commonly substituted for meets by many vegetarians.  Compared to most lean meats, soy doesnt provide as much protein per gram, since it also contains many carbohydrates and fats.  However, soy is widely considered healthier than many non-lean meats (like steak), and would be a great alternative to eating meat in order to satisfy protein needs.

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    They are also rich in fiber, isoflavone phytonutrients (for heart health and women’s health).


    Other high protein foods that aren’t meat are:

    Spinach, mushrooms, asparagus (all of which have more protein than soy or tofu does) broccoli, cauliflower and lentils.

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    Although soy is a complete protein, I thought that it’s also worth mentioning that there are some experts who think that soy is detrimental to thyroid health. Check out this article about soy and the thyroid.

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    Your morning meal is recognized as the most significant meal of all the meals. Preferably, it needs to include things like food low in fat and also loaded with protein. The actual protein usage will need to carry on the whole day. Our own gastrointestinal system creates amino acids by simply breaking the proteins, and also our own body takes advantage of them to heal the muscles and also cells, and the body organs hydrated. Body builders are specially looking after the proteins plus the quantities they usually ingest. The reason is proteins assist them to grow good muscle groups. For bodybuilders, the high-protein breakfast is vital.

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