Is South Carolina a better location for nuclear waste storage than Yucca Mountain?

If so, why is the S.C. Savannah River Site a good place to store the nuclear waste?



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    I would argue no, based sheerly on population density numbers.  The area around Yucca Mountain averages about .7 people per square mile.  On the other hand, the area around Aiken, South Carolina (which is in very close proximity to the Savannah River Site, and where much of the on-site staff is recruited from) averages much, much higher than that, close to 1600 people per square mile.  Again, this opinion is only based on the possible danger to human populations in the surrounding area.  I feel like arguments based on which ecosystem is more important are a bit more grey and subjective.

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    There are aquifer issues at Yucca Mountain but they pale in comparison to those at the Savannah River Plant. In both cases, the issues are mostly contingency issues “in case” of leaks or other problems, but the interconnected aquifers, including perched aquifers and complexly intertwined subsurface groundwater barriers and conduits make high-volume waste storage there problematic, apart from the nearby populations as pointed out in the other answer.

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