source of pesticides in food items?



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    Pesticides in the food we eat are a natural consequence of farmers spraying the plants and animals our food comes from with pesticides.  Though at first spraying a chemical on the outside of our food may seem harmless, since we don’t eat a cow’s skin, and we can always wash off our vegetables, unfortunately it isn’t that simple.  On plants, many pesticides are sprayed at the base of the plant and then absorbed by the plant’s roots, meaning those toxic chemicals are spread throughout the plant from the inside.  And even chemicals that are sprayed on the outside only can be absorbed through the plant’s skin.  Pesticides are also frequently present in animal products, including meat, milk, eggs and honey.  Along with being directly subjected to pesticide treatments, animals often consume grains that were treated with pesticides, and just like humans, they absorb these pesticides into their bodies, and from there pesticides can find there way into anything the animal might produce.

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