Is soup a good way to make food last longer?



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    I think so. I find that veggies hold up better once cooked and stored, especially if frozen. Making a big pot of soup with lots of ingredients and then freezing it in many smaller containers is a great way to make your food last longer. Not only will it help you use your food effectively, it’s very convenient. You can put your soup into single-meal-size containers and thaw one at a time to have a quick lunch or dinner.

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    I am unsure if soup will help makes food last longer; however I think it can be agreed upon that soup CAN help to reduce food waste.  This is because other foods, especially meats and vegetables, can be “reused” by making a soup out of them.  Oftentimes, leftovers are just thrown away and this leads to a high impact of food waste, which accounts for much of the waste existent within our landfills.  So, make soup, this is what many of the poverty stricken immigrants did in the old days so they must have known something.

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    I think it is the fact that you are cooking the vegetables that helps them last longer.  Bacteria can grow in all foods and the act of boiling them while making the soup will sterilize them, but once you introduce new bacteria they can begin to grow again.  This effect will also be seen with stews, curries, or other cooked foods.  It is also highly dependent on the food, for example onions and potatoes have a quite long shelf life if kept in a cool place, but something like a corn cob would rot faster.

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