This sounds pretty cool has anyone ever done a volunteer experience like this?

What were your experiences, would you recommend it to someone else?



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    I did a volunteer project like this before in Florida. It was to help turtles that had gotten drenched in the oil and kind of just washed up to shore.  We cleaned them, and brought them to a facility in Daytona for rehabilitation.  It was really sad.  You could see that if we were not there to help, they would have died.  

    However, at the end of the day we were able to go release one of the turtles who had been in the rehab facility before we arrived and that was really cool! 

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    I’ve never been  in a position that was located near a disaster spill, or had the opportunity to take time off and travel to help.  But there are other Nature Conservatory programs that I’ve volunteered with who do various projects to help clean coastal areas up and help with wildlife.  There’s an annual beach clean-up in Oregon that several organizations participate in and it’s so much fun.  The Humane Society and other adoption agencies are always looking for volunteers to help with animal care.

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