Sorry, I mean “no-sew”. Has anybody any no-sew ideas for re-using old socks?



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    You could turn them into drink koozies, fill them with stuffing for pet toys, mittens, seat belt protectors, furniture sliders on wood floors, put them on your hands and dust the house, organize small lose items in them, put a bar of soap in one and use in the shower, cushion for packing things, cut off the feet for legwarmers or throw a rock in there and protect yourself from bad guys. The options are endless! 

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    Danielle’s Place (the link in the citations below) has plenty of no-sew crafts for kids using old socks. You may have to invest in other arts and crafts supplies to complete these projects, but kids will enjoy these crafts for hours! There are plenty of charming ideas and lots of stuffed animal pals your kids would love. If you don’t have kids you could find an elementry school teacher or art teacher who may be interested in your old socks. 

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