Some of the free grocery bags I have gotten for free as marketing tactics are made out of manmade materials. Should I be worried about this, or are they still better than plastic bags no matter what?



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    They’re still better than plastic or paper bags at the grocery stores. Sine they are reusable, you can leave them in your car and bring them with you no matter where you go shopping. This will cut back on the amount of paper or plastic bags that you throw away or recycle. Whether your reusable bags are made from organic or man-made materials, they are still more environmentally-friendly than using plastic bags. 

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    Ideally, reusable grocery bags should be eco-friendly not only in the sense that you can use them over and over again, but also because they are made from biodegradable, renewable resources. You should definitely use the ones you have, but in the future you may choose to decline a complimentary bag if you identify it as somewhat less than green. After all, valuable resources and energy are consumed in the manufacturing process. It’s better to purchase high-quality eco-bags if you have the disposable income. As it is, all those plastic bags that would otherwise accumulate are stil the biggest problem.

    If you want to be proactive about these pseudo-green bags, I would suggest contacting or writing to the appropriate department of the company that is giving out the bags (I would start with the public relations department) and express your concern for the ambivalence of the bags’ effectiveness in going green.

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