Is solar energy very expensive?



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    Yes and no. Despite what the US Department of Energy would have you believe, solar, wind and renewable energies are a viable solution. Their Cost to Kilowatt Hours ratio is higher, but this can be a misleading statistic. They are an investment which will see many dividends in the future. The main cost hurdle remaining is large scale electricity storage because like former US Energy secretary James Schlesinger deftly pointed out, “We know that the sun doesn’t always shine and that the wind doesn’t always blow.” The renewable energy industry is making considerable gains in this area, one idea is a system of widely distributed batteries which could create a “smart grid” for when the sun’s not out and the wind isn’t blowing. This would make the system more efficient and affordable as the energy could be kept in transmission before it reaches the user. For the math behind the Cost to Kilowatt ratio check out the Green Economist Article.

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