Is soilent green the best environmental movie ever?



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    Personally, I found Mark Wahlberg’s character in I Heart Huckabees to be really moving from an environmental standpoint.
    Remember? He rode his bicycle to work wearing his firefighter uniform and made a big deal about his daughter’s shoes being made in some slave labor factory in Asia.

    He represents the idealistic fervor that we all need to have if we’re really going to get anywhere with sustainable living in our personal lives.

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    It addresses an interesting topic.  However, I wouldn’t really consider it an environmental film so much as a science-fiction film that brings up environmental concerns.  In general, I find documentaries to be a little bit more representative of “environmental films.”  Yet it’s my personal belief that incorporating a message into a narrative might grab more people’s attention.

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    Some people may say that it is the best. However, there are so many envirnomental movies out there that there are tons of great ones. Personally, I really like the documentary FLOW-For Love of Water, and I like the animated movie Fern Gully which is about the last rainforests.

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    I think a “best” environmental film would have to both adress the visceral aspects of environmentalism — love for nature and our planet, weighing the future as strongly as the present, and pertinence to our everyway day of lives. Soilent green may have achieved the last two,  but I don’t think the feel was right to make it even a “great” movie — it raised an issue and made it pertinent, but it wasn’t sublime.

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