Is socialism better for the environment than capitalism?



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    Its not that clear cut. Generally socialist countries have less disparity between rich and poor citizens which could benefit the environment, and better environmental policies because there is more tax revenue so more ambitious green initiatives can be carried out. In addition, the government itself can carry out these large scale projects as opposed to large corporations, and the government should naturally have its citizens well being in mind more than a private corporation. Lastly, socialism allows for more of a communal feeling amongst people which is more likely to reflect with everyone being concerned for the environment (as opposed to the every man for himself feeling capitalism leaves).

    However, it is possible to have certain social programs that work in socials in a capitalist democracy, it all depends on if the citizens are willing to give up some of their autonomy to their government in exchange for better programs. Capitalism and socialist principles can coexist within a democracy so long as the majority of its people believe it is the right thing.

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    I agree with benz.  Depending on a government’s stance on environmental issues (as a reflection of its people’s stance), the system of governance, be it socialist or democratic, will not be the determining factor in creating sound environmental policy.  While some green initiatives are best supported by government funding (take, for instance the regulation of the power industry and its pollution emissions), some argue the high taxes they require hinder economic growth and the free growth of industries (be they environmental or not).  Regulating emissions to ensure clean air and water is important, however, and increased regulation is associated with socialist governments. 

    Capitalists (particularly free market advocates) might argue, however, that increased regulation hinders economic growth that can lead to environmental benefits with government interference.  Some argue that private investments – accumulated through tax breaks and economic stimulus packages – can provide the investment capital needed for certain businesses and industries to overhaul their green sectors.  Others claim private investors won’t be motivated to invest in industries and initiatives not supported by government subsidies. 

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