Is soap biodegradable?



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    Pure soap is biodegradable.  However, many of the commercially made soaps you find in stores have added chemicals which are not and can be harmful to the environment.  If you go to a store like Trader Joes or Whole Foods you would be able to choose from an array of different soaps that are truly biodegradable… or you can always make your own at home if you have the time!

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    Some soap is biodegradable. You have to really read the product information to determine it. One brand of soap that is biodegradable is JustSoap. They are an organic soap and shampoo company powered by a bicycle!

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    Yes, as the previous answers have said. However, even biodegradable soap can pollute water sources apparently. If you are hiking or are near a water source, it’s recommend to stay away 200ft from it. Biodegradable doesn’t mean its completely safe and it doesn’t reduce its immediate environmental impact! It just means, all in all, it will biodegrade over time. Keep in mind as well, that biodegradable soap is NOT biodegradable when it ends up in a river – it needs soil for that.

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