so i make my dogs food at home and there is weevles in the rice i used can that harm my dogs



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    Simple answer: It would be better if you used clean rice.

    More complicated answer: The question is why the weevils are there. If it’s because the rice used to be good, but it just was sitting around in the wrong place, then the weevils are probably healthy. And if that’s the case, then the question is whether the weevils would make your dog sick. Unlikely. In fact, it might add some cheap protein to his diet. (You do realize that a huge percent of the world population eats bugs? Often as a regular part of their cuisine?)

    On the other hand, if the rice was sitting around, getting rained on, stored in extreme temperatures and humidity, and the weevils moved in as part of the overall decay of the rice into mush, then you wouldn’t want to feed it to your dog.

    A good rule of thumb is: If you were very, very hungry, and you still wouldn’t eat it: Don’t feed it to your dog. That sounds extreme, but in the USA, dog food must meet the standards for human consumption! I.e., you might not like it very much, but you could open a can of dog food and eat it, perfectly safely.

    The basic deal is that mammals such as dogs and cats don’t like lousy food any better than we do.

    Read the article in the URL, below. It gives a good perspective on how even commercial dog food has problems with contaminants.

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