Is snorkling or diving worse for the oceans?



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    Both snorkeling and diving harmful for the ocean depending on the practices of the individual. There are behaviors that should be avoided in both cases such as feeding animals and removing anything from the ocean.

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    Assuming that snorkelers and divers are both doing their best to not walk on reefs or take things from the ocean, I would say on an individual level diving requires far more gear and prep, making it harder on the ocean. It takes energy to fill oxygen tanks and usually divers have to take boats out to their dive sites, polluting in the process. On the other hand, snorkeling can cause a problem when snorkel sites get overcrowded, people feed the fish with peas or bread, and sun screen collects in the water. This can also be a problem with diving but there is less potential for overcrowding with diving and much more water to dilute the ill effects.

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