Is sneezing the easiest way to spread germs?



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    Generally speaking, coughing and sneezing are equally effective for the spread of germs. Droplets of mucus from the offender float in the air until they come into contact with another person, and coughs and sneezes are both notorious for being handled incorrectly. With coughing, it is important to cover one’s mouth and nose, then immediately wash one’s hands with soap and hot water. It is the same with sneezing, but it should also be noted that if a tissue isn’t available, one should sneeze into their arm, not their hands. Dirty tissues should be disposed of in a closed wastebasket; a toilet is ideal. 

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    Yes and no. They are alot of easy ways spread germs and sneezing is one of them. Some people don’t cover their sneeze or cough which allows the germs to spread through the air and possibly attach to another person which will make them sick. Ironically, alot of sicknesses are caused by the simple things like not covering your cough or sneeze.

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    While sneezing is certainly a very effective way of spreading germs, improper hand washing is even more common and is often overlooked.  Linked below is an article on the modern history of hand washing and how it is used to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.

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