Is smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol worse for the environment?



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    Generally smoking cigarettes is more harmful because cigarette butts end up in natural habitats and ecosystems. Many individuals think that cigarette butts will decompose, but they are primarily made of plastic and will take many years to break down. When butts end up in beaches, nature trails, gardens, and public parks, animals mistake these small objects for food. When animals ingest the cigarette butts, they can become poisoned by the chemicals. Cigarettes contain benzene, formaldehyde, ammonia, acetone, and tar.

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    Cigarettes are especially harmful to the environment because the butts are not recyclable, and the smoke released nasty, inorganic chemicals into the air thanks to cigarette companies’ addictive, unnatural additions. Smoking is not healthy for your body no matter what you smoke, but in order to not pollute the air while you smoke, you might check out American Spirit brand organic, natural cigarettes @ Once again, these are still very unhealthy for your lungs, teeth, gums, and the environment of your body. But they don’t support the use of pesticides in the growing process.

    Alcohol is often filtered with animal by-products, and this is not to mention the environmentally unfriendly practices of the factories. For vegetarian booze options, check out

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