is smart grid technology helping the renewable energy market or hurting it?



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    Smart grid is a technology being developed to help deliver electricity from suppliers to consumers using two-way digital technology to control appliances at consumers’ homes to save energy, reduce cost and increase reliability. Thus these grids make everything more efficient, independent of the energy source. However smart grids are a major improvement and will help getting renewable energy output from one place to the other. It definitely won’t hurt the renewable market, but the impact of it might not be as big a factor as some might expect. 

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    Smart grid technology would allow for high voltage direct current (HVDC) to transmit power generated from renewable energy sources, like wind turbines, to markets in demand at great distances.  Currently, energy can be supplied only to markets within 100 miles of renewable power sources.  So, yes, smart grid technology will help the renewable energy market by making giving it viable availability.  Importantly, it also does so in a cost-efficient way (although the upfront expenditures to implementing smart grids are significant). 

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