Is the smart grid technology green washed?



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    Green Washing is when a someone or some entity tries to convince a group of people that something is environmentally friendly, when it actually isn’t. 

    From all my research, i do not think that the smart grid is a product of greenwashing.  It actually can help put more people to work and keep energy transfer efficent.  

    Below is a link for you to read up on. 

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    According to some sources, there are adverse effects of implementing smart grid technology.  Smart meters, for instance, communicate with home appliances to reduce energy consumption during off-peak hours via transmitters and radiofrequencies.  One skeptical source likened this to, “converting every home appliance into a cell phone.”  Because the long-term physiological effects of heavy exposure to radiofrequencies are unknown (could cause cancer or other diseases in humans and animals, thought to affect honeybees and CCD, etc.), some are wary of smart grid technology.  

    The marketing of the SG as an energy efficient technology, however, is accurate.  So, while ther may be pitfalls, I’d agree it’s not a case of greenwashing.   

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