Is small the key to having a green home?



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    No. Though the smaller a place is, the less electricity you are more likely to use when lighting it. For example, a studio apartment will probably only include 3 to 4 lights, while a 10-room home will include a lot more. The key to having a green home is to follow green and environmentally-friendly practices such as composting, recycling, conserving water and energy, using solar panels, and even following a vegan diet.

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    While size does make a difference (small does tend to make efficiency easier) it is certainly not the only factor. Green choices, practices, habits, appliances, fixtures, etc. matter more than size. If you have a big house, try not to power the whole house at once. If possible, split the house up in terms of power and resources (for example, if possible, do not have the heat turned on for the entire house). 

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