small acer one green one red. what is this insect and what can I do to id or control.small brown grey scab on a bed of white sticky stuff on underside of leaves . moves very slowly, on ver tiny tin egs



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    This could be a spider of some kind. The easiest solution would be to spray your trees with insect or spider control formula, depending on what it is. The white sticky stuff sounds like spider silk. Take a look at the pictures in the link below and see if any of them match the ones you’re having trouble with.

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      It does not look like a spider its legs need a magnifying glass to see them and are on the underside of an oval shaped body which is slightly ridged and the white stuff is secreted with the same ridging Its body is slightly speckeled and beige or dark beige.

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      If they are that small, they are probably mites. You should be able to find a special kind of pest spray for insects, if not for mites specifically.

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