A simple way to help the OZONE

I am in a farming family and I have been reserching and using my simple farming knowlege to help fix our ozone depletion problem. If we were to donate an acre per field for every field that farmers own sourrounding a city we could really if not totally cut down the air polution for citys because that is where we have alot of vehicle and factories that put out air polution. The greatest spot we should do this method is in fields along the interstate and busy highways. This would cut down or possiblyy stop and rebuild our Ozone layer. Another way is to have schools while in study halls or PE, go out for a walk around town picking up tras and recycling.



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    Planting and cleaning up the town are great ways to help, and here are some other ways individuals can pitch in:

    Remember to turn off the lights

    Use Environmentally Friendly products

    Use the car less: try car-pooling or public transportation

    Turn the heat heat down/Use less air conditioning

    Don’t leave the water running when you don’t need it to (brushing your teeth is a good example for this)

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