simple answer for 9 year old to understand the food chain



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    First of all, I would explain to the child that every little living being  from  bacteria to the largest organisms  play a specific and important role in the food chain and cyle of life. There are three main groups in the food chain, the Producers, the Consumers, and the Decomposers. Plants and vegetables are under the ” producer ” category and they are considered to be producers because other organisms eat them in order to live. The organisms that eat the producers are called the “consumers” and this category consists of three different types of “comsumers”, those who eat the plants, the “herbivores”, are the primary consumers. The second consumers are the ones  that eat the organisms that eat the plants.  The second consumers are known as “carnivores” and that means “meat eater”.  Thirdly, there’s a third consumer, who eat the primary and secondary consumers. Then there are the decomposer, which is the third  part of the cycle, it  involves organisms that eat dead things. An example of a decomposer is  fungi. If anything dies decomposers eat it and when you poop, decomposers eat it. Decompsers eat anything that dies by breaking down nutrients in the once alive organism and return the nutrients to the ground.  Then the process starts over again because the producers, the plants and vegetables,  use the nurtrients to thrive on and live. The cycle then repeats itself and continues over and over again.

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    it goes from small preditor to big

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