Is silicone bad to throw away in landfills?



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    First consider whether the silicone product in question can be reused (or continued in its use) instead of being disposed. Silicone is actually quite a valuable material because it is stain-resistant, very durable, and tolerant of extreme temperatures.

    To answer your question, yes. It’s best to avoid throwing anything in landfills when recycling is possible. Silicone especially should not be simply tossed in a landfill because it does not decompose well (again, because that stuff is so darn durable!). And it is, luckily, recyclable — although you may be required to drive to a speciality recycling facility. But the trip is well worth it, especially if you have a lot of it lying around.

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    Yes, silicone is usually a product that can be reused, and should be done so instead of being tossed out. Also, silicones are NOT biodegradable and would not be able to break down in a landfill. It would just sit there and be waste forever. So yes, it is environmentally harmful to throw away silicone in a landfill.

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