Is Siberia melting?



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    The largest peat bog which makes up much of Siberia is melting.  It is turning into a area of shallow lakes as permafrost melts.  The area is about 1 million square kilometers.  This is a great worry because of the vast amount of methane that will be released into the atmosphere.  It is feared that this amount of methane will push climate change over the tipping point.

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    Pretty much.

    Scientists reported in 2005 that a large area of permafrost in Siberia, where the world’s largest peat bog is located, seems to be melting in relation to climate change. The area had been frozen since the last ice age ended, about 11,000 years ago. Scientists are worried that as the peat bog melts, more than a billion tonnes of the greenhouse gas methane will be released, causing the Earth’s average temperature to rise, possibly dramatically. Scientists estimated that the peat bog had only begun to melt within several years.

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