Is shredding paper bad for the environment?



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    It would be best to limit the amount of paper you shred, as it may not get recycled. Shredded paper, in general, is recyclable, yet many times it ends up at the landfill because it may contain other non-recyclable materials like plastic. It is hard to separate little pieces of plastic from a heap of shredded paper. Sometimes machines incorrectly discard shredded paper, taking it to the landfill, and people may flat-out refuse to take it in for recycling. 

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    Including shredded paper in the compost pile is possible but the type of discarded paper matters. Choose the paper with the least prints or color on it. It would also be better if coated paper are not mixed in the  compost. These days, there are several sources of shredded paper like those from a shredding Houston service provider. Choosing the best waste paper to be mixed in the pile matters indeed.

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