Shouldn’t it be cheaper to buy food locally?



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    It generally is.  If you buy produce at a farmer’s market, it’s usually much cheaper.  However, some products may be slightly more expensive.  But it’s important to keep in mind that locally grown food is generally naturally grown and better for your health, so the increased price if any may be worth it.

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    As gas prices continue to increase and trucking becomes less and less economical, the future will likely manifest a shift; the expense of trucking is a significant factor in the price of imported produce.

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    Local food is sometimes more expensive because its quality is often much better than mass-produced food.  Organic food is often pricey because it takes more work to grow produce without pesticides.  Generally, if you pay more for local food, you will pay less in terms of maintaining your health for the long run. 

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    Because food that is bought locally is generally not mass produced, it tends to be more expensive.  This is because when huge companies are selling enormous amounts of a product, they are able to lower the price, even if they still have to ship it across the country.  Local farmers do not have this luxury.  They grow foods in smaller batches, meaning that they need to charge more in order to make enough money.  Buying locally grown food though is always the better option, regardless of price.  The benefits significantly outweigh the costs in this situation.

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