Shouldn’t BP hire unemployed individuals with hourly salaries and benefits (instead of relying volunteers) to clean up the oil spill?

While I would volunteer in a heartbeat, let’s at least try to create jobs out of this disaster.



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    Well obviously BP should hire people. There are many unemployed people due to the depression, and it could prove to be a silver lining for BP’s PR. However, BP is not the friendly neighborhood company that they are pretending to be in their press releases right now.

    It is a hard ruthless company out to make the most money it can. The oil spill is going to cost the company hoards of money. The last thing that ANYONE there is thinking is how to spend more

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    Absolutely. The amount BP ends up paying for this spill should be commensurate with the damage that they have inflicted on the regional environment and economy. Oil extraction and consumption is an industry that has been essential in the progress of civilization but it has also been the cause of incredible death and destruction from wars and environmental degradation.

    I can’t think of another industry that imposes such a giant externality on society at-large as the oil industry. We still are dependent on oil, so we obviously need the industry, but it is time for them to stop getting a free ride on the backs of our environment, health, economy, and military.

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