should you pick up weed from the ground



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    If you are weeding in your yard then it is a good idea to wear gloves unless you know exactly what you are dealing with in case something contain a skin allergen. If you are out in nature then it is unlikely that you will find a time when it is appropriate to pull up any plants and you are better to leave plants alone since some contain oils that will leave you with bad rashes like Poison Oak.

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    It is a good idea to pick up your weeds after weeding your garden and put them all in one place. This will make the area around your garden more beautiful and keep the grass under the discarded weeds from dying. It also will remove any seeds or roots of the weeds from the area; seeds can start new plants and some roots can find the soil again and begin growning a new.

    You can construct a compost bin in your yard and put your weeds in here. They will compost and eventually make soil that can be put in your garden.

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    Plants are remarkably vigorous. So, if you are weeding in your garden and just place the unwanted plants on the ground, it is possible and likely that they will root again and just keep on growing. So, like natricine3 mentioned, you could compost the weeds.

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