Should wild animals be punished for hurting humans?



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    No. Wild animals act on instinct and have no concept of right or wrong as it is manifested in human society. Wild animals act according to the natural order of things, and if humans are interfering that is no fault of the animal. Besides, the wild animal would not comprehend the punishment and understand not to repeat the action.

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    Wild animals aren’t punished for hurting humans, but other measures are taken to promote safety between animals and humans.  If a bear enters an urban area and disturbs garbage cans, they are darted and relocated to a remote location.  Bears have great homing capabilities and can easily return to where they lived before.  If the bear does return to the city and continues to dig through garbage cans, it proves that the bear has become reliant upon humans for food.  To prevent dangerous encounters between humans and habituated bears, these animals are then killed.  Human safety is the public’s number one priority, and unfortunately because of the irresponsibility of some people, animals are often the victims.

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