Should we use old shipping containers to make homeless housing?



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    That would be an interesting idea. Many companies and organization build and promote housing made from old shipping containers, so it’s been shown and proven to work. They are readily available, easy to ship, strong, easy to combine, and, most importantly, cost much less than regular construction. There are some disadvantages too, of course, but I think they are far outweighed. And it’s definitely better than sleeping on park benches, in train stations, and in cardboard boxes.

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    Shipping containers have been suggested as a potential housing solution for the homeless.  This is because these containers are readily available in mass quantities, piling up in various seaports and provide a semi=permanent, contained structure with a roof.  Property developer in Amsterdam have considered converting these containers into student housing as well.  This could be a great possible solution if it is in accordance with city zoning laws and maintain a certain health and safety standard.

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    There’s an organization that already does. It’s an experimental community in Mexico. The homes are a big hit and are being used to provide very low cost homes so more low-income families can be home owners. Check out the link to read more about this story.

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