Should we stop making incandescent lights all together?



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    I think we should eventually. We’ve developed bulb technology that is both more efficient and brighter. I think it’s a good idea to keep phasing in the use of LED or CFL bulbs until incandescent ones become completely obsolete.

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    I agree. Eventually, incandescents will become obsolete, simply because they do not put out the same brightness as CFLs or LEDs, and use up much more power to do it. As it stands now, you can by a CFL bulb for around $4, and as LEDs become more popular, they too will become relatively cheap. The are much more efficient with wattage and shine brighter without getting super hot. Most people use CFL’s in their homes now to save on utility costs, and LEDs have found their way in major lighting spots like advertising signs, cars, street lights, etc. It is only a matter of time before the switch is complete.

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    The problem with incandescent bulbs is that they are inefficient when only the light output is wanted. There are other situations where the heat is just as useful, for example in a winter home that is heated by electricity, anyhow.

    The problem with incandescent bulbs is that when used in the billions where the heat is unwanted there is significant electrical “waste”.

    But on the other hand, the incandescent technology is much safer, cheaper, easier to dispose, and better understood than many of the new lighting sources.

    Incandescent technology can be so simple a grade school kid could literally make a light out of common materials — quite innocent and safe materials, which is more than can be said for CFL, which are an expensive, high tech bulbs that are difficult to dispose of.

    In a larger sense this is a classic ecological discussion: just because something is bad on a large scale, doesn’t mean it isn’t good on a small scale. There’s some very interesting thinking to be had in the “Tragedy of the Commons” Wiki article, below.

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