Should we outlaw disposable lighters?



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    That is an interesting question. Another question you must ask though is what makes them so dangerous? Obviously the fact that they create more trash, are non-biodegradable, and any residual lighter fluid left inside could be toxic to the environment. I believe these are fairly good reasons for a ban, but you would also have an opposing side cry out saying that refillable lighters (like Zippos) are expensive to refill and maintain. So it is a funny position to take, unless of course refillable lighters come down in price; after that happens, it shouldn’t become a problem to stop producing throw-aways. You could also extend this waste argument to anything that is unnecessarily disposable, from cameras to shaving razors. But again, the cost counter-argument still exists there, so cost has to become a moot point.

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    How about refillable butane lighters with piezo ingiters, no flints to deal with, easier to refill than a Zippo (or at least less messy)?

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