Should we make our street lights more dim to save energy?



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    We don’t necessarily need to make our lights dimmer to save energy, we just have to think about constructing them in a different way.  For example, a new product by Philips is helping cities across the country save money with more efficient lighting.  Called the StarSense lighting system, it can save the average city about 40% when it comes to electricity costs as well as severely cutting down on carbon emissions. 

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    Another method that has been taken on by many cities in the United States is the installion of LED lights, with assistance from the federal government.  LED lights use far less electricity and last longer than regular lights, but have higher costs.  The federal stimulus package offers funds for cities to help make this change, and various cities including Ann Arbor, Michigan have taken advantage of this.

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    Of course Jaden! In fact, many of America’s streetlights are high-pressure sodium fixtures, usually used for plant growth, the bulbs of which produce quite an impressive amount of light. However, replacement technologies like the ones described by Frances and bemodal are far more efficient in terms of lighting populated areas. Hope I helped, and have a great day!

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