Should we make more solar power or wind power?



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    Wind power versus solar power – examining this comparison from the perspective of a major electric power utility or distributor:
    which source has the most even capacity, will be the least disruptive to customers, and require the least backup investment to achieve synergy with the existing business?

    According to Carnegie Mellon Electricity Industry Center researchers, wind power is the way to go…

    “Due to the larger magnitude of solar PV power output fluctuations relative to those of wind at time scales shorter than approximately 31⁄2 hours, the costs of large scale solar PV integration are likely to be larger than those of wind.”

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    Different areas will have different levels of wind and solar resources that can be harnessed. Some areas will be better for solar, and others for wind. You also need to consider that wind turbines can affect wind patterns if there are a significant number of farms set up in an area. They slow down the wind currents that go through the turbines, and could affect weather patterns. Placing wind farms in the best locations will be important for those reasons.

    Solar is better for individual homes than wind is. Small wind turbines are not as efficient as the larger wind turbines.

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    I think we should make more solar power because wind power is far too expensive

    to set up eventhough germany has been the leader producer of wind power

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