Should we make an effort to save old historical trees like the oak mentioned in this article?



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    I do not see a link to the article you are referring to, but I feel that it is very important to save old historical trees like oaks, redwoods or other natives. These old trees remind us of how the landscape once was, and gives us an idea of how it naturally would be. This helps people realize how much of an impact we have on the environment and hopefully brings the destruction we cause into reality. I think they are also important teaching tools for children so they grow up with an appreciation and awe of the environment, which will lead to environmentalism and a desire to protect the earth in their adult lives. 

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    The article to which you are referring is a case in which nature has played its course in the life of an ancient tree; it seems that the tree, in it’s old age, could not withstand the cold and so it’s illustrious life has come to an end. Unfortunately there is not much we can do for trees that die of natural causes, however, there are a number of historical  trees and forests that are in danger of being harvested by lumber companies. Old growth redwoods and a number of other tree species are rare and beautiful, which means their wood is very desirable and expensive. Logging companies who own huge swaths of land often exploit the historical trees for use in consumer items like outdoor decks and furniture; they make the argument that because they are planting new trees for every old tree they cut down, they are offsetting their impact. But like the first poster said, historical trees are educational aides in our understanding of the environment and our impact within it, which means we should protect them.

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    In my home state of California, it is illegal to cut down oak trees unless they are dead/dying, or threatening structures such as homes or buildings. It is important to preserve native trees especially because there is much competition between them and invasive trees such as eucalyptus. 

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    As a conservationist with a flavor for history, I believe that preserving as many old trees as we can is very important. Not only does it protect such trees from going extinct in some areas, but it also lets us hold onto our heritage placed in natural beauty. So much of the normal jungle is being replaced with the concrete jungle, and it is a shame to lose some of our most important plant-life artifacts that have been around for such a long time. If not just for the cultural identity we have with out surroundings, then help keep these historic trees alive for the continuation of the tree species. Though old trees will die one day due to natural causes, we can help keep them around for a little bit longer.

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