Should we make Astroturf mandatory in desert communities?



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    Do you mean for people who try to irrigate, and irrigate, and irrigate their dry lawns to have real grass?  Or is there another reason you ask?

    I’m not so sure about Astroturf.  There have been issues with lead in the turf, potential health risks, production and disposal, and it isn’t cheap so I’m not sure who would be paying to install it.  I think that people need to be more in touch with their environment.  If you live in a desert community, embrace the sand and the cacti and forget about the green front lawn.  If that’s what you really want, you should probably live in New England or somewhere you can have nice green grass without much effort.

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    There are eco-friendly artificial turf options, but they are quite expensive. Most people who have grass in desert communities, use a drought tolerant breed and water with non-potable water. Other people use rocks in their landscaping. I don’t think you can demand people to use artificial turn, because of the cost. A crazy fact is that Arizona has more golf courses per square mile than any other state. 

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