Should we make all trash trucks run off of alternative fuel?



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    The less emissions and gas consumption, the better. In many places programs are in place to use hybrid vehicles, which saves tax payers money by saving gas, as well as polluting less and wasting less oil. A program in place in California uses the trash itself as an energy source, reducing 30,000 tons of green house emissions per year.

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    A town in England has introduced an electric truck complete with an energy-from-waste incinerator. Between recycling and a 40kWh lithium-ion battery pack, these vehicles can get up to 50 mph, cover about 100 miles, and has a charge time of 6-8 hours. Hybrid garbage trucks will hitting the streets of NYC in two weeks, getting 25 to 30 percent more then the standard garbage truck (3 miles per gallon of diesel fuel). One landfill in Lycoming County PA has developing projects to convert the methane given off by the landfill to power their garbage trucks. In one day, 30 trucks can be powered by 5,000 gallons of liquid methane. With over 179,000 waste management vehicles on the roads: 91% of those old and relying on diesel fuel; emitting large amounts of gases, including three dozen toxic contaniminants; creating high noise levels which causes harm to Americans- we need explore other alternatives fast.

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