Should we increase the gas tax to help the environment?



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    I believe that this might work, but could have some negative consequences. We do need gasoline to transition into and make other alternative fuel sources. Therefore, raising it too high may not fully allow for this transition. However, if raised properly, it would make people aware of the situation and call for new fuel sources. People were much more concerned with the environment when gas was up to $5 a gallon. 

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    YES! do whatever it takes to force people to make the switch.  It’s ridiculous that the technology and opportunity is out there, but we keep investing our $$ in ipads and tv’s instead of our planet.  There’s a breaking point somewhere, so if it’s a tax to do it then do it.  I’m out of sympathy for the situation.  


    The only way we’re ever going to make the world sustainable is if the masses of consumers make the choice together.  I think we keep waiting around for some company to come in and save us.  Save ourselves, save eachother. 

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